33 Routines to make you a better tester

Sometimes we’re looking for information about the best testing practices, to use them work alone or in the team.

We are deciding to look for information in websites, YouTube and in books.
Some time ago I was interested in this subject, and that’s why I started to look for the information online, so I found The 2 Minute Tester: 33 Routines to make you a better tester of David Bruce on Amazon.
I bought the book instead the ebook because I love read the books during the traveling ✈️

The 2 Minute Tester: 33 Routines to make you a better tester book written by David Bruce

As we can read on amazon:
This guide gives you 33 specific areas of testing that will improve your testing skills and each section can be read in 2 minutes and contains specific actions you can take to improve your testing skills.

I wanted to check that.

As I wrote before I bought this book in Paperback because I like to read the physical books. When I received it I started the reading.
I was very surprised how much information I found in this book.

What information this book contains?

In this book we can find the information about exploratory testing, effective team working in QAT, Risk-based testing techniques, static testing techniques and much more.

Once I’ve read every specific section, I’ve learned something new about software testing.

And yes, really it took the 2 sometimes 3 minutes in every section to read (and understand), I’ve check that and what more, I’ve devoured all book in less than two days 🙂

How is constructed this book?

The 2 Minute Tester: 33 Routines to make you a better tester shows us as much information as are the most intensive and included in that short sections.

Every section contains the definition of specific topic, where you can read something about it and get the information.
It contains the specific approach to show us how to solve the specific problem. It shows us also how to do something in other, sometimes better way (sometimes with examples).
Every section contains the key takeaways to summarise the topic and order the read information in our heads.

It’s really short (93 pages but 86 pages of content) but it’s a concrete book where you can find the information. They can be helpful in your learning process or even at work.
I can really recommend it 🙂

This post wasn’t so long but I hope that you enjoyed the reading 😀

The next post will arrive soon 😁

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