In this section my previous projects are presented below:

1. Ryanair
Ryanair website
Ryanair website

The Ryanair website is the Ryanair Airline website, where the user can book the flight ticket, manage the booking, etc. The reason why I decided to test this website is I’m interested in traveling. I started to look for the next trip idea. In consequence, I saw a few defects.

This is my first project, which I’ve done with the book “Praktyka testowania” (eng. “Testing practice”) written by Radoslaw Smiglin, who is the Polish QA and Software Testing Expert. I’ve learned a lot. How to write the test report, automation scripts in Robot Framework, and how to do the application research.

2. Live Language

The Live Language website, the language school in Glasgow, is my next project, which I decided to test after discovering a lot of defects that made the website difficult to use. I used the Exploratory Testing method to test this website and Black-Box techniques. I used my knowledge and experience from the previous project. Moreover, I used the knowledge which I gained during learning the ISTQB Syllabus.

In consequence, I’ve learned how to write better Test reports, attach more detailed information about the tested software. This, what I think, is the most important, how to record the test evidence which was really helpful to discover more defects, for instance.

3. Deichmann

Deichmann website
Deichmann website

The Deichmann website, a footwear retailer, is my next project, which I tested using mainly exploratory sessions and the Black-Box techniques to test the software. I’ve learned a lot about the Exploratory Testing techniques with the book “Explore It! Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing” written by Elisabeth Hendrickson, and that helped me to practice using the techniques included in this book for the explore this website.

My skills:

  • Manual testing
  • Knowledge of the SDLC and the role Test plays in the ecosystem
  • Knowledge of Test Management
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Certification
  • Exploratory testing techniques
  • JMeter (Performance Testing and API Testing)
  • Postman (API Testing)
  • Black-Box techniques
  • Robot Framework (basics)
  • Selenium (basics)
  • HTML5 (basics)
  • CSS3 (basics)
  • Java (basics)
  • JUnit (basics)
  • Git (basics)
  • Sass preprocessor (basics)
  • DevTools
  • Test Management Tools
  • Cypress (basics)

I am an ISTQB certified Software Tester who has performed the integration testing, compatibility testing, and functional testing of web applications, web application performance testing using JMeter, and API Testing using Postman.
I am a communicative person with a can-do attitude and fast learning, who is not scared of new exciting challenges.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.