The Art of Application Performance Testing

In my last few posts, I wrote about performance testing. Therefore, we have learned a lot during this time. We could get knowledge about what performance testing is, what are the performance testing measurements and how performance testing works in SDLC.

Why this book?

The Art of Application Performance Testing Book
“The Art of Application Performance Testing: From Strategy to Tools” by Ian Molyneaux

Some time ago I wanted to learn more about performance testing. I’ve read the ISTQB Performance Testing syllabus, practiced that by doing the exercises on JMeter, but I felt that it’s not enough, so I started to look for a good book about performance testing. I found the book “The Art of Application Performance Testing: From Strategy to Tools” by Ian Molyneaux.

About author

Ian Molyneaux comes originally from Auckland in New Zealand. Ian joined IT by chance when he applied for an interesting-looking job advertised as “junior computer operator”. He held many roles in IT but is a techie at heart. His current role is Head of Performance at Intechnica, a software consultancy based in Manchester UK, specializing in .NET development and performance assurance for the enterprise with a strong focus on Cloud. Ian wrote two books: “The Art of Application Performance Testing: Help for Programmers and Quality Assurance” in 2009 and “The Art of Application Performance Testing: From Strategy to Tools” in 2014.

What is this book about?

The Art of Application Performance Testing: From Strategy to Tools book explains why it is so important to performance test any application before deploying it. This book leads the reader through the steps required to implement an effective application performance testing strategy.

What else can you find in this book?

We can also find here the glossary with the terminology to better understand the context of the book. The book contains the code examples which we can use in our programs and documentation. Once we’ve read the book, we can find the resources to improve performance testing skills.

How is this book constructed?

The book contains 10 chapters, where we can find information about concepts of performance testing. Every chapter contains an explanation of the presented concept, charts, figures which present the pictures of the concept, examples which help the reader to better understand each chapter, tips, and a summary.

The author explains briefly at the beginning what each chapter is about.

The chapters are presented below.

  1. Why Performance Test?
  2. Choosing an Appropriate Performance Testing Tool
  3. The Fundamentals of Effective Application Performance Testing
  4. The Process of Performance Testing
  5. Interpreting Results: Effective Root-Cause Analysis
  6. Performance Testing and the Mobile Client
  7. End-USer Experience Monitoring and Performance
  8. Integrating External Monitoring and Performance Testing
  9. Application Technology and Its Impact on Performance Testing
  10. Conclusion

In addition, the book contains extra appendixes which can help the reader with Performance Testing skills improvement. They are presented below.


A: Use-Case Definition Example
B: Proof of Concept and Performance Test Quick Reference
C: Performance and Testing Tool Vendors
D: Sample Monitoring Templates: Infrastructure Key Performance Indicator Metrics
E: Sample Project Plan


If you think about the book where you can find a lot of performance testing knowledge, I can recommend that book for everyone involved in performance testing activities. This book is written understandably and hence, it can help the reader to a better understanding of the art of application performance testing.

This post wasn’t so long but I hope that you enjoyed the reading 😀

The next post will arrive soon 😁

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