My Software Testing journey

Some time ago, I’ve got an email message with a question about how did I start my Software Testing journey. I thought it would be a really good idea if I will share my Software Testing journey with you.

First of all, I don’t have a Computer Science Degree, I haven’t worked in the IT industry before. I worked in retail and hospitality. I thought about working in the IT industry for a long time. I’ve learned a lot about Web Development, especially about Front-End Development. HTML, CSS, a bit of JS. I styled a few web pages but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I am a talkative person, so I wanted to work with people and contact customers. One day in September 2020 was a different day than others.


Because this day I thought about the Software Testing. Something that I’ve been scared of. Why I’ve been scared? I think it was the lack of knowledge needed for becoming a Software Tester, but this day I decided to change it.

What did I do to change it? – Theory

When I decided to learn about Software Testing, I thought about learning the testing theory first. It would be helpful for practice, because what is the practice without the knowledge? Nothing. I ordered the book about the ISTQB syllabus, which came really fast. It was actually a book for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam preparation but I didn’t think about the exam these days. For me was the most important to learn about Software Testing theory. Once I started to read this book, I started also to listen to podcasts, watching videos, reading blogs, etc.

I have heard in some podcasts that ISTQB Foundation Level certification is not needed nowadays and everyone who has the set of Software Testing knowledge and skills can become a Software Tester. Not at all. I’m living in the UK for 1.5 years and English is my second language (I’m coming from Poland originally) and it’s not that easy to get an IT-related job.

After a month, on Halloween, I’ve booked my ISTQB FL Online exam. If you’re interested in how it works just now, you can read this post. A month later a was so happy to pass the exam and waited for my certificate.

What did I do to change it? – Practice

I’ve learned the theory of Software Testing and passed the ISTQB FL exam already. It was the time for practice. I ordered the next book, this time for software testing practice. The book has arrived and I could start to practice by testing the web pages. Ryanair’s website was a good idea to test so I’ve started to test it immediately. If you want to read what were the benefits of it, you can read about it here. Once I’ve finished testing this website, I’ve started to test the next one (all of the tested websites are in the Portfolio section).

What did I do to change it? – Blog
Testing Traveler Logo

Once the year has finished, I really wanted to strengthen my testing knowledge. I started to write this blog once the new year has been started. I didn’t even think that anyone will read it. Initially, I started to write the posts about the ISTQB FL syllabus but after some time I wrote about other aspects of Software Testing.

What did I do to change it? – Books

Besides the books I’ve read already, I wanted to learn more about the test techniques, approaches, etc. I’ve read the book Explore It! which helped me to learn about Exploratory Testing techniques. Once I’ve finished reading this book, I’ve started to read the book The 2 Minute Tester: 33 Routines to make you a better tester which taught me about routines that can make you a better tester. I currently read the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing about which I will post soon.

What did I do to change it? – More practice

Blog, practice sessions, books, etc. – everything is helpful, but I needed to learn more practice and get the knowledge of what I do wrong, that’s why I attended the course where I had a mentor who told me what I did actually wrong.

What did I do to change it? – Applying for jobs

I’ve done the course but during that yet, I started to apply for jobs and applied for the Trainee / Junior Software Testing positions. I’ve sent a lot of applications but I always got the same answer or even no answer. I was sad but not give up. I still sent the applications.

What did I do to change it? – Software Testing job

One day when I went to work retail, I got the phone call with an invitation for a Telephone interview for a Software Testing position. Two days later I’ve had this interview. It was a really good experience because it was a general phone call without stress, a few questions. I got the answer that I’ve passed the Telephone Interview and invitation for Assessment. The assessment took a half-day and included a group exercise and a few tests. That was a really exciting experience. After the assessment, I needed to wait for the phone call. That was the most stressful two days of waiting. When I got a phone that I got this job I was so happy.

A Software Testing Job

I got a Test Consultant position with training. It took me seven months to get it. I worked hard and I did it 🙂 Software Testing is my passion that’s why I’m learning as much as I can, also in my free time.

That is my Software Testing journey.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the reading and if you’re trying to become a Software Tester, don’t give up, with hard work and a positive attitude you will get it faster than you think 🙂

Next post will arrive soon 🙂

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  • Klaudia, your journey into Software Testing is truly inspiring! Your determination and enthusiasm shine through your detailed account. Starting with theory, practical application, and continuous learning, you’ve shown that passion and perseverance can lead to success. Keep inspiring others with your valuable insights! Looking forward to your next post.

    Best wishes,

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